The Old Ground

The Old Ground's 14 song digital album is finally here.

14 songs that I hope you all enjoy. These songs are a collection of music writen from the time Still Life disbanded through 2009. Please check it out and show your support.

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Still Life

All of the old Still Life albums are now available for digial download on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and others. Most of this stuff is either out of print or only available on vinyl. Check it out.

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  1. The Old Ground

    The Old Ground

    Checkout Crashed on Reverbnation! This song was originaly intended to be a Still Life song after our equipment got stolen however it never made it that far. This is the last Still Life song ever writen but has now become The Old Ground's first song ever writen. Hope you enjoy it.


  2. Still Life - "The Incredible Sinking Feeling"

    The Incredible Sinking Feeling

    Many years past, older but only slightly wiser, with the weight of the world gaining some ground. Only monents and memories keep the fists still swinging, to forget only for a moment, the incredible sinking feeling...

  3. STILL LIFE - Madness and the Gackle

    Maddness and the Gackle

    Still Life's first full LP on The Sunflower Tribe label. It is available on record or CD. It contains "Fool" "A Sunset Walk to the Cliff" "Old English 800" "Worked" "Dopamine" "Useless" "Looks Like Tomorrow" "Sweet Demise" "The Straydog Lullaby" and "Fill the Oceans". Good Record with some acoustic stuff and the turbo fusion rock jam Dopamine.

  4. STILL LIFE - Slow Children at Play and Beyond

    Slow Children at Play and Beyond

    Slow Children at Play and Beyond is a collection of out of press songs by Still Life. Available in CD or 12" LP. It includes Still Life's first split 7", the self titled 7", and the Slow Children at Play 8". Don't miss the chance to own these out of print songs.

  5. STILL LIFE - From Angry Heads With Skyward Eyes

    From Angry Heads With Skyward Eyes

    Still Life's first full album. Released on Ebullition. It is a gate fold double 12". It folds out into a booklet with all the lyrics, some babble, and artwork from the band. It contains "Empty Cage" "Truth" "Weak Foundations" "In Time" "A Song About Love" "Kill No More" " Tomorrow Brings" "Minute Falling" "Sunrise Sunset" and "Burning Like the Bridges Behind Us". The second press dose not have the gate fold but still contains all the rest.

  6. STILL LIFE - Perdoname Madre

    Perdoname Madre

    Originaly the songs were release on two seperate split 12 inches. The Still Life / Jara split and the Still Life / Resin split. We have combined both of these splits together and renamed the album "Perdoname Madre". The album is only available digitally but if you search around you may be able to find the original split LPs that are now out of print.