Sunflower Tribe

About Aysegul...

A Wild Soul having a human experience with all of its mystery, magic and beauty...
Learning, growing, falling, rising, laughing, crying, loving, dancing, singing, walking as if we are kissing the Earth with our bare feet. Letting ourselves dive into this present moment so that we can truly experience being alive, wild and free-to-be without any limitations or expectations on ourselves. Honoring life as it is every day and allowing the divine feminine express herself through our creative power. Tuning into the feminine energy, dancing to the flow of her harmony and letting that life force wash over us. 

She is our Mother Nature, guiding us, showing us that we are all related by a beautiful bond of love, and that we can only connect from within through self-love. Loving, respecting and protecting our Earth elevates our spirit and life in ways beyond description. “Heal the Earth and heal yourself” is what I strongly believe in. It is a big part of our self-love practice and healing, while reconnecting to our inner power and coming back home to ourselves.  

I choose and aspire to live this way every day. My desire is to inspire others on their journey to live completely and unapologetically free and empowered by love. 
Much Love Beautiful Sunflowers, 

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