The Story Behind These Handmade Authentic Yazma Headscarves

Story of Love, Joy, Gratitude and Hope...

Turkish headscarves are traditionally called “Yazma”, “Yemeni” or “Oyali Yazma Yemeni” – they are called different names depending on which area of Turkey you are visiting.


These authentic Yazma headscarves have been finished with a unique and delicate handmade embroidery work that has been co-designed by our local village women and me. Each scarf is completely unique – no two scarves will ever be the same! I believe that every woman is a Goddess and as a Goddess you deserve to have something that represents your authenticity and uniqueness. So that is why I have created these scarves – I want you to have a Yazma that truly represents you – there will be one that you feel instantly connected to – that is your personal Yazma. 


The different colours and designs embroidered around the edges of each Yazma tell a secret story about you and your journey. For thousands of years Yazma scarves and their colours have been used to tell a story, to express the emotions of the women who wore them.  Even the different ways a Yazma was worn would express a different meaning. Yazma were used as a way for women to communicate their inner world, their emotions and dreams. Each scarf expresses something different and magical – and you get to choose the one that calls to you. Every flower on your Yazma has been inspired by the beauty of Mother Nature.  When I go for my daily walks in the hills beside my home in southern Turkey I am surrounded by thousands of flowers – the colours and scents are incredible – and it's these flowers that have inspired me to create these unique Yazma designs.


The only thing that each Yazma will have in common will be the sunflower embroidery (representing the duality of the sun and moon) which has been placed on each of the four corners.  These sunflowers have two meanings, firstly, they are my signature – a piece of love that I send from me to you – wherever you are in the world. Secondly, these sunflowers link you to all your sisters around the world who are also wearing our Sunflower Tribe Yazma.  I believe that this helps strengthen us as women, as sisters.  When you see the sunflowers, you remember that you are not alone, you are part of the Sunflower Tribe!




The handmade embroidery on these headscarves is not easy to make.  The skill required to make this Turkish embroidery has been passed on from mothers to daughters for over 2700 years! It requires a special talent and a lot of patience to create these beautiful pieces of wearable art.  Your Yazma has been hand embroidered by a group of local Turkish women who live in a tiny mountain village near my home in southern Turkey. These women come together in each other’s homes, they sit together in a circle talking, laughing, having fun whilst they work and they put this beautiful energy into the embroidery that they are creating. It takes 3 - 4 days for each woman to complete the embroidery on your single Yazma scarf!  


Each of these women is paid properly for the skill and time that they use to create the embroidery – they are paid a ‘living’ wage for their work and the money they earn changes their lives by allowing them to truly support themselves and their children. I am deeply invested in helping other women become empowered and independent - especially woman who live in poverty. Research in the field of International Aid has proven that when you lift one woman out of poverty, she takes four other people with her, usually her children and elderly parents. When you invest in a Sunflower Tribe Yazma you are investing in these women and helping to lift them and their children out of poverty.  Just knowing that with this project we can help these woman uplifts my spirit and I know that you will feel the same every time you wear your beautiful and original Sunflower Tribe Yazma!  




Another important part of this project for me, is that these Yazma are not being made by child labor, by slave labor or by underpaid workers who sleep on the factory floors and eat one meal a day. Each scarf is made with love by women who are lifting themselves and their children out of poverty by doing this handmade embroidery work.  


Consider this… when you wear a scarf on your head it’s is worn over your crown and sometimes your third eye chakra and if you put it around your neck it will cover your throat chakra. You do not want the energy of child labour, slave labour, or underpaid labour touching your chakras. Imagine what happens to you when this kind of energy is touching your chakras….


You want the energy of a woman who has put her gratitude and joy into a scarf so that when it touches your crown, third eye or throat chakras it energizes and fills them with positive, joyful, loving energy.


Wrap your chakras in the pure loving energy of a Sunflower Tribe Yazma today!


Since ancient times Women have been wearing headscarves to express their inner Goddesses...